I had the opportunity to work with Bob Deschamps and his team at Pro Signs when we moved into our new office space last year. All was carefully chosen and planned for our new space: colors, designs, textures — and the focal point of our new lobby is the wall hanging with our company name and logo, that Pro Signs created for us. It is absolutely stunning. Since then, Pro Signs worked closely with us to create our client plaques. Though this project was not straight forward or simple, Bob and his team displayed great creativity, talent, patience and flexibility to produce an end product that exceeded our expectations. A showcase for us to proudly display our client wins, in a format that Pro Signs perfectly created. I will always look to Bob and Pro Signs as our solution for signage needs. They are a joy to work with, are professional, responsive, dependable and efficient, and their work are truly works of art. Thank you, Bob and Pro Signs!